Canadian DRAM Class Action

You can get $20 or more by completing a claim form! Find out about the DRAM class action:

Canadian DRAM Class Action

Canadian DRAM Class Action How every single Canadian can get a free $20, no questions asked
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In this video you will find out how to file your claim on the Canadian DRAM class action lawsuit settlement. Canadians were paying higher prices for their electronic devices because a few memory-chip manufacturers agreed to price fix. So a class action lawsuit was filed and settlements were reached for approximately $80 million.

If you purchased DRAM or electronics with DRAM like computers (desktops or laptops), printers, DVD players, etc. between April 1, 1999 and June 30, 2002, you can file a claim to get some money back from the settlements.

You can submit a simplified claim (up to $20) or a standard claim (more than $20). If you submit a simplified claim, no receipt is required. Check the website below if you are eligible to claim money and to submit your claim.

The deadline to submit DRAM claims is June 23, 2015. NPT+RicePoint have been assigned as the class action lawsuit administrators.

Canadian DRAM Class Action:
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