CANWARN 2016 Spring Training Schedule - Notification No. 1

CANWARN 2016 Spring Training Schedule - Notification No. 1
Folks, my apologies for releasing the CANWARN training schedule a little later this year and to those that may get this notification twice due to some finger trouble on my part. I needed to finalize the dates/locations of some of the training venues and some of that work still remains to be done. The past few weeks have certainly provided CANWARN spotters with lots of weather to report. We’ve had some significant snowfalls, a notable ice storm, lots of rain and our first tornado of the year. On March 16, an Enhanced Fujita Scale One (EF1) tornado occurred near the community of Clifford to the west of Mount Forest with peak winds estimated between 155 and 175 km/h. A few grain bins and some other farm building damage was noted by an Environment Canada damage survey team. This tornado set a new record for the earliest tornado in Ontario beating the previous record of a tornado that occurred in Windsor on March 19, 1948.

Each spring, I reiterate the importance of the role that CANWARN spotters play in Environment and Climate Change Canada’s severe weather watch and warning program. During the training, we have also made mention of the importance of getting reports for winter-time severe weather. I am happy to say, after reviewing CANWARN reports over the last few months, that the Weather Centre received a number of timely and useful winter reports from CANWARN members. These reports included ones about dense fog, the occurrence of freezing rain and the provision of snowfall accumulations. 

Please find following the spring training schedule as it stands now. Additional venues may be added in central and eastern Ontario. I am still in the process of organizing the dates for northwestern Ontario but I have pencilled the week of June 13th for this training. Once again, thanks to all of you for your participation in this very worthwhile program. We have recently changed our email addresses and the old CANWARN email address has become somewhat longer, my apologies. For those interested in attending one of the following sessions, please RSVP to with the session to intend to take.

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