United States Getting Your HAM Amateur Radio HAM Radio Licence

Getting Your HAM Amateur Radio HAM Radio Licence United States
Getting Your United States HAM Amateur Radio Technicians License

HAM Radio Licence  United States
HAM Radio Licence  Canada

How do I get an amateur radio license?

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When Getting into Ham Radio, you have to start somewhere..that somewhere is getting your Technicians License. This video will tell you what to expect and what you need to do.
Missed the HAM 101 video? Here it is- https://goo.gl/npiyq1

We talked about many things in this video..
How To Get Your HAM Radio License in 7 Days- http://goo.gl/rRa8zb
The ARRL HAM Radio License Manual (Technician)- http://goo.gl/EKZmm5
For the adventurous, the General License Manual- http://goo.gl/MmJt2b

Here are ALL the questions to the Technician's test with the answers
The answers are in parenthesis- http://goo.gl/5hU8tX

Hamstudy.org- https://goo.gl/y1Uwov
Where can I take the test? ARRL Exam Locator- http://goo.gl/uNJ1vb
When can I transmit? The FCC License Search- http://goo.gl/02JK8O
(best way to search- use your last name, city, and state) 

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