Soldering Iron What's wrong with this picture?

Soldering Iron What's wrong with this picture?

Keep a wet sponge handy, and after the soldering iron is fully heated, softly scrape it against the sponge to remove old solder. The tip should be nice and shiny, or at least very close to it. Next, we're going to “tin” the tip. This will protect the tip and allow heat to conduct better via the presence of new solder.

Soldering Iron - What's wrong with these pictures?
Picture#1, Picture#2

Picture #1,

Picture #2

How do you solder?
Preparing the Soldering Iron: Tinning the Tip
  1. Place the soldering iron in its stand and plug it in.
  2. Wait for the soldering iron to heat up.
  3. Moisten the sponge.
  4. Wipe the tip of the iron on the damp sponge. ...
  5. Melt a little solder on the tip of the iron. ...
  6. The tip of the soldering iron should be a shiny silver color.

How to Do It: Basic Solderin

Beginner how to Solder

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