An Emergency Kit Checklist #DisasterKit

Having copies of important documents is an integral part of personal preparedness. Having copies means you are not starting from the beginning if the original documents are lost or damaged. Review your documents at least once a year to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. Make copies of your important documents part of your 72-hour kit.
  •   passports
  •   birth certificates
  •   marriage certificate
  •   insurance policies
  •   educational records
  •   bank account numbers
  •   household inventory records
  •   safety deposit box key
  •   wills, powers of attorney
  •   credit card numbers and contacts
  •   doctor contact information
  •   veterinarian contact information
  •   pet registration and photo
emergency contact information 
social insurance numbers
driver’s licence numbers
immunization and medical records
income tax returns
recent photos of family members 
health care numbers
USB backup of electronic files and photos 

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