IRN or Zello This Is Not HAM Radio

IRN or Zello This is not HAM Radio.
Will IRN replace conventional ham radio?
This is so common and claimed all the time.
Radio-Tone RT4
Radio-Tone RT4

But IRN, Zello, Team speak is fun, but I wanna see what you will do when the cell tower is down!
This is bullshit! I get 99,999% of cell signal no matter where I am.

I wonder if you can reach a VHF or UHF repeater for 10% of the time of your traveling with a typical 4 Watt handheld with its rubber duck antenna. And if GSM is not available, I could use a global WiFi hotspot.

Disclaimer: You may be excommunicated by the ham radio community for using satellite wifi hotspots.

Ham radio is a hobby.  We don’t have to be like the ultimate emergency communications service providers.   Leave it to the pros.  Of course we can help with our HF and VHF/UHF as an additional resource. But on a daily basis, for the sake of talking to other hams, about technology and discussing ham topics, IRN, Echolink, Allstar, and others will do just fine.

Did you know that you need to hold a hamradio license to use IRN too, if you want to use the available hamradio RF Live channels?

Every city has, in Toronto Canada (ham club TFMCS) common claim by that one disparaging ham, we all know the disparaging ham that trolls that repeater.
Ok, but Zello, IRN and Echolink is not ham radio!
Yeah sure, it is written in the holy book of ham radio. “They” tell you that such systems are not ham radio, so stay away from such little systems of the devil !

As explained here, to use the IRN, or Zello, a GPRS connection will do just fine. Many hams, that are still reluctant to try the IRN, always have the same old-school speech: “In case of a crisis, where cell networks are down, the IRN radios will be useless”. Well my friends, it is true. The network radios will be useless. No one is saying that IRN is here to replace conventional ham radio. It is an add-on. And now tell me.

During the course of your entire life, how many times did you experience a network shortage due to a natural disaster?   I know, as hams, we always have the spirit to be the last resource in providing emergency communications. Well, keep the spirit, but let yourself enjoy the IRN for the 99,9999% of the time that cell towers are at service.  Take a backup VHF handheld with if you think it’s going to save your ass. Live more in the present because technology is giving us hams a whole new playground that we never had access to before.

In our city of Toronto Canada we also have the bitter elitist and purest, one comes to mind that is holding on to the Baofeng and FM analog ham radio or HF only.  He seems to be wait on the repeaters for that conversation to explode with his bias views, this occurs often when speaking to the newer ham operators and is so quick to preach FM analog and stay away from ....  But to each his own and to those bitter elitist and purest :

The main point and fact here is :
"Live more in the present because technology is giving us hams a whole new playground that we never had access to before."

Here is hoping that we enjoy it all.  Even digital, ie DMR (Brandmeister).

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buy many of these devices ham radio or not  ...

Radio-Tone RT4 with smooth APRS operation

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