QRZ Service Update - Biography Pages

QRZ Service Update - Biography Pages
Changes to Call Sign Pages

QRZ is announcing today that the availability of certain features pertaining to the display of user biography pages will be undergoing changes that promote greater security and better uniformity between listings. These changes will affect the way in which customized user biography pages are shown. Most users will not be affected by these changes, which affect only those who have elected to use features provided by the Expert Options and CSS Styles menu and in particular, those who have styled the upper part of the call sign page.

What is Changing?

Call sign pages on QRZ are shown using a Tabbed interface that overlays a few different sub-pages of data for each call sign. These tabs include Biography, Detail, Logbook, and possibly Web Contacts. The changes announced today affect only the data shown in the Biography tab, and only if you have made use of certain Expert options.

Call sign pages are typically spread across two distinct parts of the page. There is an upper area, called the Callsign Data Block followed by a tabbed section which holds the Biography, Detail, Logbook and other features. With this new security update, the information shown above or outside the tabbed section will be restricted to QRZ Use Only. This means that users will no longer be able to style, apply colors, background images, or other enhancements to the part of the page that lies outside of the tabbed area. Inside the Biography tab, users will be able to stylize their pages as before, including the use of Expert options and CSS.

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