Harold Lee Jackson, 1922 🇨🇦 Canadian Amateur Radio Operator

Harold Lee Jackson, 1922, became the first Black licensed ham radio operator in Canada 🇨🇦 

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Sebastian Jackson - my great grandpa.

Today's #BlackHistoryMonth fact of the day is about Harold Lee Jackson, my great grandpa.

Harold was born in 1901, and by age 19 was working with technology that white society in the area had not yet figured out. He was the 1st person to send signals, messages & music wirelessly

In 1922, Harold Lee Jackson became the first Black licensed ham radio operator in Canada and city correspondent of the Ontario Division to the American Radio Relay League. He opened Jackson’s Radio Repair in 1925 in Chatham, Ontario.

He was the first in Chatham to send wireless signals from one place to another. Music was not transmitted on the Chatham radio station until the mid-twentieth century, but Jackson was transmitting music from 1920.

The community believed that Harold Lee Jackson ‘was crazy’ because he would try to explain his theories about radio waves and signal transmission. He opened Jackson’s Radio Repair in 1925 and was successful in his work.

The Woodstock Industrial School implemented a new department called “Wireless Telegraphy” and left it in Harold Lee Jackson’s “capable hands”. If you're from Chatham and you like listening to music on the radio specifically @Country929 my great grandpa was groundbreaking in that.

His story isn't just exclusive to Chatham Kent, he is a black pioneer celebrated world wide as he is a member of Black History Museums in many provinces, states and countries. It is rumored that his findings where instrumental in todays IPADS, PHONES, LAPTOPS and other tech.

When I think of the work my great grandpa did and put into radio, and I see lots of black radio hosts today, I get to live his life through them and its a pretty amazing feeling. I would have loved to just have a cigar and talk with him.


Full Article — 🎥Maria Petrou






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