What is the WIN System ?

The WIN System is an OPEN System of hams enjoying our wide area linked (or intertied) repeater system covering most of California. The WIN System was designed and built by Shorty, K6JSI, with a lot of help from the WIN System membership! Shorty owns all the repeaters and equipment that carry his call sign. The WIN System has crystal clear audio, which is probably one of the first things you noticed when you began listening to the WIN System.
The WIN System is a series of 71 linked, or Intertied repeaters, most are 440, or UHF repeaters, but we have some 2-meter and 220 repeaters as well, that cover a great deal of California, 16 States, and four Countries around the world.  The WIN System is owned and operated by Shorty, K6JSI, with a lot of help from the faithful WIN System membership.

The membership is what makes the WIN System great! We are honored to have a very diverse cross-section of the ham radio community on our System. It makes for some very interesting conversation. Everything from technical talks to comedy can be heard on the WIN System.

The WIN System started in the San Diego area in 1990, and moved into the Imperial Valley/South-West Arizona area, then the Los Angeles area, then the Southern/Central San Joaquin Valley area.

Our current goal is to continue to grow the WIN System as opportunities present themselves.

Check out our California Map Diagram for site locations.

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