AOR AR-DV1 Wideband Communications Receiver

AOR AR-DV1 Wideband Communications Receiver

The DV1 is the first radio that provides decoding of many of the digital formats which no other scanner is able to receive, including:

AR-DV1 Multi-Mode Digital Receiver

  • MotoTrbo ™
  • DMR ™
  • dPMR ™
  • NXDN ™

as well as numerous amateur radio digital formats from Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom and Alinco. The radio will also decode APCO-25 Phase I digital as well as conventional analog traffic. (The receiver does not trunk). MotoTrbo systems are now used by public safety agencies and business around the country and the world. NXDN is used by public safety as well as railroads around the nation.

This radio is a huge breakthrough and we hope you’ll join us at Dayton this year to see the receiver in action, live at our booth. We also will have a small stock available for purchase at the show. Gommert Buysen of BuTel Software will once again be at our booth as well

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